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We did it!

Jameson a posted Aug 11, 13
Well, we finally killed Lei Shin.  Amazing how well we can do when we have a full group for both nights two weeks in a row.


Jameson a posted Jul 16, 13
We are 7/12, after a few weeks of wiping to the attendance boss we are starting to move forward again.  I think we have finally reached that point where we are having "fun" again.  Also, 444 ilevel boomkin bringing dem deeps.
dreslav a BRINGIN THE PAIN!!!!
Shadowess Priceless
We killed some giant turtle thing boss that was super gay. 4/12 in Throne now.  Good raid tonight.

Oh man, we cleared a tier.

Jameson a posted May 23, 13
We are ready to really step into Throne of Thunder and really buckle down.  Two new bosses(to most of us) down this week to finish up the last tier.  Good work team, lets keep pushing forward.
We finally managed to finish Terrace up tonight after much blue ball debating.  In other words Jameson:"Shut up faggots and just let me do it"  Drew:"I'm pretty sure I can cloak this breath."  We also found out that we are really amazing at bugging Garalon but only when we are not trying to bug Garalon.  All in all, a pretty solid second week of raiding.  Get on dem alts for the Saturday alt run!